Rural Islands Economic Forum

Rural Islands Economic Forum

Wed-Thurs, October 20-21
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A Rural Island Economic Partnership Event, coordinated by Maji Events

Together we are building an inter-island community!

The Rural Islands Economic Forum (RIEF) is an opportunity for rural islanders, allies, partners, stakeholders to connect, learn, share and advocate for rural island economic renewal and community building across all sectors, regions and islands.

“Excellent presentations and conversations! I learned much and was also able to share things that seemed of value to others.” – RIEF ’19 Participant

On October 20 and 21, 9 AM – 1 PM, the Rural Island Economic Partnership (RIEP) will host the second Rural Islands Economic Forum, entirely online.

This year’s themes include:

+ Strengthening Existing Connections, Creating New Connections
+ Building Year-Round Livelihood for Long Term Sustainability
+ Applying a Climate Lens to Community Economic Resilience
+ Doing It the Island Way — Innovation, Collaboration & Out of The Box Creative Thinking

Both days will include valuable networking, inspiring presentations, and lively discussions. Online hosts will also create a warm, fun, and inviting container to enhance the online experience.

Standing Together During Difficult Times
These past 18 months have been more than challenging for businesses. Even those that have prospered in the pandemic have still had many hurdles to overcome. The RIEF forum is a way of connecting with other rural islands business communities.

We’re at a turning point. Now, more than ever, we need to strengthen our connections among the islands. No one island can be resilient alone.

At the Forum we will be not only exploring opportunities for collaborative growth, regional networks to build capacity, and shared services to create efficiencies, but we will also be celebrating our local business communities.

Rural island economy is interwoven with island life and culture in a deep way. The Forum will explore economic challenges and opportunities, but will also celebrate the deep connection between business, community and culture that makes the rural islands a special place for all who come here.

Mark your calendars and watch for your chance to register in the coming weeks!

“We’ve created momentum here that is infinitely valuable to our goals and challenges. I made many beneficial relationships and established a great network.” – RIEF ’19 Participant

Who Is RIEP?
Previous to November 2019 there was a patchwork of organizations and business leaders supporting various rural islands, but no official channels for facilitating cooperation between ALL rural island stakeholders, until RIEF 2019. In November 2019, the inaugural RIEF event led to the formation of the Rural Islands Economic Partnership (RIEP).

RIEP has since become THE connector organization – a unified voice for value-based and sustainable economic development across the islands through collaboration, engagement and advocacy.

Watch a wrap-up of RIEF 2019 and learn more about the power of regional collaboration!

October 20 and 21, 9am - 1pm on zoom

Registration coming soon

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