Global CNVC Trainer Virtual Café

Global CNVC Trainer Virtual Café

Friday, October 15
This event has passed

A FREE community event for CNVC Certified Trainers.

We warmheartedly 💓 invite you to join us in this virtual hangout with other CNVC Certified trainers all over the world🌎

Our intention is to provide an online place, where FUN 🥳 and CONNECTION 💫will flourish, together with enjoying a hot cup of tea/coffee, cold beer or just anything you bring in your picnic basket. ☕️🍕🍻🍷🍸🍪🍰🥧!

We are going to keep the Cafe open for 8 hours, in the hopes that anyone anywhere in the world will be able to join at some point.

You will get a zoom link with further instruction once you register. And don't forget to inform your NVC colleagues about it!

Suggested donation ranges from $5-15USD; small part to cover our tech support, the rest goes as a donation (will be specified soon). But please feel free to join us regardless of the donation. We would like your company and spirit🤩, the rest is just an extra.

Hosted by the "GTC Pop-Up Collective": CNVC Certified Trainers Anniken Beer (Norway), Dmitriy Kopina (Slovenia), Frank Gaschler (Germany), Liv Larsson (Sweden), and Mitch Miyagawa (Canada), with support from Meta Kolenc (Slovenia).

Find out about us at Slovenia IIT homepage.

About the Open Connection Space

Our idea is to keep this virtual café open to happening by the mood and interest. We will provide different breakout rooms with certain subjects and will create more upon requests. It all depends on your wishes and general flow of the event. Once you register and fill out our form, we'll create a schedule, that we'll share in the week before the event.

Why we're doing this

Our team (Anniken, Liv, Mitch, Dmitriy, Meta, and Frank) met last fall to start planning the Slovenia IIT for May 2021.

While we were forced to postpone the IIT, we were having so much fun meeting that we decided we'd do something for our global Trainer community!

We're keeping this light and simple, and we hope you'll join us.

Vancouver - 6:00a - 2:00p
Río de Janeiro - 10:00a - 6:00p
London - 2:00p-10:00p
Cape Town - 3:00p - 11:00a
Bangkok - 8:00p - 4:00a
Sydney - 12:00a - 8:00a (Sat Oct 16)

Check here for more time conversions.

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